5th jan 2015

well happy new year beautiful people.

i said in the last post that the new album would be out before Christmas….well that didn’t  happen…but it doesn’t matter.

2014 was fun we played three headline shows, 2000 trees fest and a few anti folk festivals we also played with


we are now THE BAND FORMERLY KNOWN AS MY NAME IS IAN and the new album should be out by APRIL…….also we will only be playing as a FULL BAND now…..unless there is an emergency.


the band formerly known as my name is ian



oooooo exactly a month since i last wrote on this blog spooooky.

right well “DON’T CRY LION YOU ARE ONLY A PAINTING. Volume two” came out today and here it is………

Next full band album should be out before Christmas and I think it’s going to be very special….

♣love ian


Okay i have been terrible at keeping a blog this year……but anyway here’s some news/facts

  • the next album DON’T CRY LION YOU ARE ONLY A PAINTING volume 2 is out AUGUST 18th.
  • i will also be releasing at least four split this year…..more news on this soon.
  • there will be a third album by the end of the year which will be full band again
  • FULL BAND HEADLINE SHOW on tuesday 22nd july at the lansdown in canton, cardiff
  • here is a demo of a new song





10th MARCH 2014

well it’s a bit late i guess but HAPPY NEW YEAR!

and hasn’t this year already gone fast?!!!?

anyway……here is some info about the NEW album.

  1. this album is called “YOU
  2. it is my 12th record
  3. my 2nd super lovely cool gang full band album
  4. it was recorded and mixed by Ben Turner in 24 hours at STAGE 2 STUDIOS in Bath
  5. this will be the first of three albums this year
  6. i tried to draw the ugliest album cover of all time…..
the album cover for "YOU"

the album cover for “YOU”

Here is the track listing and description……

1. You part one (YEAH YOU) bassy fun bucket

2. The good, the bad, the ugly and the sad groovy depressing love erasing 

3. Smiling feels unnatural solo thought time

4. It’s over and I’m bitter loud head bang shuffle cool

5. I’ve never played Monopoly antifolk pop board game love

6. You part two (ATTEMPT TO DANCE) slow beach boy nice

7. WIGGLE POW WOW bassy freakout adventure

8. You make me crazy, you make me crazy, you make me crazy cover of my other band alt rock ballad

9. Lets get away short and sweet

10. Lord oh lord have mercy on me alt rock gospel pop

11. You part three (GUNTHER VON HAGENS) instrumental dead body ballad outro


pre order the album now and you get three of the songs straight away (having a little album nibble)……or wait till the 7th of April and have them all in one go……. (you flippin greedy guts!!!!)


Super huge massive thanks to James Hobson, Joe Coleby and Ben Turner


A huge massive big thanks to Simon M Read, Quiet Marauder, Rosie Smith, Jack Barnett, Ellen Cox, Dominic Griffin, Justin Evans and Duncan Harvey for all the bits you added.

“oh and thanks to the fans”

(said in a deep voiced raised eyebrow way winky way)

love ian



29th December

It’s near the end of another year and I’m in the same mind set i always get into….

“Right next year will be my fucking year! I’m going to work harder. Play more shows. Make people like me more. Maybe do a real tour. Maybe play actual festivals….and so on”

hmmmm we’ll see…………..

Anyway 2013 was actually pretty cool, here’s why…..

I managed to support three of my biggest musical influences (the wave pictures, jeffrey lewis and david herman dune).

Also had great fun at the Zine Fest with Mowbird, Furrow and Joey Fourr. That was also a special show as it was the first full band mynameisian show.

The Art is Hard third birthday party show was hot, sweaty and a beautiful chance to meet “online musical friends”…….i hope i’m still cool enough for the 4th birthday party!!!

Leicester have been very kind this year. Addistock has been wonderful as usual. Thanks to Ben Marwood for our romantic hotel room experience.


Lots of love to James and Joe for being in the band and dealing with me being a massive fucking diva.  I SAID ONLY RED M&M’s !!!!!!!!!!!

Mega thanks to Quiet Marauder for welcoming me into the band and saving my life.

Recorded my 11th record, the album “ELEVEN” and it was such a huge massive success that it nearly went to double figure sales!!!!

Recorded my 12th record, the album “YOU” and that will be out in the next couple of months……and oh my it is soooooooooooo good……says me.

see you next year you dirty bunch of turkeys. 



looksy looks. real band are we? yes. looksy.

looksy looks. real band are we? yes. looksy.


Wow i have been terrible with this blog.

.I am still alive. 

Played our first out of Cardiff full band show in Leicester. It was super good fun, except driving home in the storm…..but Joe (POWERHOUSE) Coleby drove like a pro.

Should be recording the next MY NAME IS IAN album in two weeks time-fingers crossed….and it will be a full band record….and it’s beautiful…..

started writing a kids book called “the turtle, the balloon and the apple

i promise i won’t wait three months to update again…..if i do then see you next year!!!


Ean Pull Willyhams



So my album came out the other day….and people seem to be digging it. so thank you for the kind words.

Played and partied at Hubfest this weekend. It was mega fun.

the 31st is the ART IS HARD RECORDS third birthday party…..and it’s gonna be sweet.

also nearly finished my next album which should be out before Christmas…..and then i may quit music.


17th August

soooooo my new album is coming soon and i thought i would give a little track listing vibey run down for anyone who cares.

1. Hi (talky little poem intro….with real welsh words)

2. I would understand (dark full bodied full band handsome song)

3. Zippidy doo da i don’t care (ian singing quickly with just a guitar)

4. Larger than the largest dinosaur that’s ever existed (new full band version of a mynameisian classic)

5. Key Bored (keyboard freakout yo)

6. Who says romance is dead? (jangly wangly full band pretty song)

7. We’ll never have our summer (sad one man one guitar distortion art list)

8. I haven’t been hungry for a while (straight up 1min punk song…including the line “a cleft lip and too much body hair)

9. Old friends are awesome (casio keys and sad true words)

10. I knew you were gone (and you didn’t say a word) (loud sad song)

11. Lets just take a little break from the album shall we? (a little break from the album, radio, bit of a cover, funny song and featuring /PLEASE/)

12. I watch too many TV shows (full band pop quick words superness)

13. You would sleep and I would wait (creepy sing along folk)

14. Melted (based on a drawing i did about 3 creatures searching for god. featuring BEN MARWOOD, OXYGEN THEIF and QUIET MARAUDER )

15. Gotta get out soon (full band, backwards, nice, worries)

16. No prob lemon (ian and a guitar saying prob lemon instead of problem)

17. Say i’m on a farm (good bye song. strange. freak out. drones. oooos)

and thats the album. not long to wait.

23rd of JULY

new Up and coming shows

AUG 31st LONDON DALSTON the victoria (art is hard records all dayer)


OCT 27th LEICESTER (full band) with BEANS ON TOAST

and there will be a lot more soon.

i will also be releasing a music video this week with a song from my new album…just got the small matter of filming it.

practice with Quiet Marauder later



14th of July

“the months get quicker, the weeks get faster, it won’t be long until another wasted year is done”

I am currently at my parents house…i am sweating  and i also have a cold….which feels weird in the summer….no chicken soup just soleros and twisters.

anyway no one cares about that…..

at the end of june i recorded my new full band album in 6 hours in mine (and the bands) spare room. it was fun, sweaty and by the end of the day i had given my soul to the record and just sat around like a sad potato un able to think of anything to say or do.

i don’t know what it did to my brain but after recording i went to buy a sandwhich (as i had forgotten to eat during the day) and this guy was giving me a look like he didn’t like the way i was dressed (may of been wearing small shorts and a kaftan) and i thought he wanted to hit me….but then i thought if he doesn’t punch me then maybe i’ll just start punching myself over and over….luckily a nice cool breeze took my mind off those weird thoughts…and i went back and ate.

the album features guest spots from Ben Marwood, Quiet Marauder, Oxygen Thief, /Please/ and my shitty casio keyboard.

i’m going to spend the next month or two sending the record around and sending the odd track to friends or anyone who’s intrigued.

then once no one wants to put the album out….then i’ll do it myself….


do it myself

there will also be videos too i’m sure….and im gonna sort lots more gigs out soon (like i always fucking say….but fingers crossed)

i no longer live in the house where i recorded the album and i no longer live with my band mates….but hopefully the album has captured the love, misery, heartache and fun from it all.


4th of june

wow it’s June already and i still have no idea where i’m going to be living at the end of the month…..but i do know i’m recording my 4th album/11th record on june 28th. it will be around 16 tracks long with around 8 full band tracks and 8 solo things.

on the 1st and 2nd i played some shows with Ben Marwood which were lovely. it was great to make new friends.

here’s a picture of Ben Marwood and I with “team ian” and “team marwood”



thanks to MATT LATHAM for sweet pictures.

28th of may

last night i supported Jeffrey Lewis and Peter Stampfel. it was a flipping blast.

a nice description of me….

Crazily prolific antifolk songwriter Ian Williams has a winning anything-goes approach to his craft, producing reams of home-recorded EPs influenced by Daniel Johnston, Stanley Brinks and Jeff Lewis. He’s also released a three-part subscription cassette series (through Art Is Hard) hand-packaged with letters, diary entries and sundry other extras, and zines and an art book collecting drawings, comic strips and illustrated lyrics. As well as his solo efforts he also leads highly enjoyable grunge-pop dudes Hamamama and plays as part of the (ITNA) KLOF Collective with Quiet Marauder and Francesca’s Word Salad.


13th of Maaaaaaaay

should be recording the album in a month ish…..which i shall record in 24 hours. it’ll be a glorious 14 track full band record.

26th and the 27th of this month i’m playing full band in cardiff.

june 1st and 2nd with Ben Marwood.




29th april



this is my new album cover.

and here is a demo/fluff vibe track from it

the end


MARCH 21ST 2013

ON MAY 27th i am opening for JEFFREY LEWIS at THE MOON CLUB in cardiff….and i am very excited about it.

also my NEW ALBUM SHOULD BE OUT BY JUNE !!!!! just getting money up together.


FEB 4th 2013

it’s been nearly five months since my last post… happy new year and stuuuuff. Writing lots of songs at the moment and i’m going to try my best to record some more eps….full band ones, electronic ones and some experimental ones.

also going to try and play in your villages, towns and cites more…..i was too lazy last year.

i will also have some snazzy art work for sale soon.


bubble boy

bubble boy

september 5th

howdy… yeah i’ve been doing band stuff….buuuut i did bring out a NEW e.p which you can find HERE aaand i’m playing cardiff OCT 3rd and yeovil NOV 30th and it will be super fun.

i sunburnt my nose at end of the road festival….and today i made a chili.




Hi. i am still alive. i’ve been spending a lot of my time on GREETINGS recently. so sorry to anyone that cares or noticed haha.


uuuuum the MAN CLUB TRILOGY is now available to download.


APRIL 16th

good morning, i had a good sleep listening to the sounds of rain on a tent….i wasn’t camping, it was off youtube. I am up earlyish to finish my uni work and then i am off to Brighton to watch the wonderful Daniel Johnston. yay. You can get my new record HERE.


april 6th

it’s good friday…..well average friday. here’s the single from my new album i’ve been spending most of my time working at a cinema over easter. blah. album out in a week. blah. xxx

mar 10th

hi. the beard has gone. i have also lasted a month with no smoking. i have created a new blog HERE it talks about how i am giving myself 476 days to do something successful in music or i’m leaving the UK.

i am very miserable.

might make a music video in two days.



I have been growing a beard for a month and 28 days…..only 8 and a bit more months to go….im also not cutting my hair till then either….watch out ladies im gonna be looking mighty fine. I joined mr ben turner for the final mixing of my new album today….it’s sounding sweet…but i would say that. ben also bought me two coffee’s….win. i have quit smoking….it has been three weeks ish…i currently have the symptoms of being glooming and getting colds….but at least i will be lowering my risk of heart disease and cancer. i have started doing a cover a day……they are all depressing. tried to get some cool gigs…..was too late and/or too shit.

p.s. just realised this blog is a year and two days old. woo.


feb 8th


short and sweet

jan 28th

hello hello hello, so i finished all the recording for new album….currently listening to lots of different mixes. i played a real swell show at Gwdihŵ  with Joanna Gruesome, Little Arrow and Ratatosk….must play Cardiff more than i do considering i live there. Should have a new home made e.p up online soon too. im off to tidy my bedroom and to listen to some ISLET.

love and mugs of tea.



JAN 7TH 2012

we’re all gonna die this year…….so this should be the year i become a huge rock star? Started recording the new album a few days ago… week left until it’s finished….but it won’t be released till summer….but me being me i am sure i will release 5 shit home recorded before that. DALTON DEMO TOUR after easter…..

29th december

well christmas came and went…….and what a lovely average day it was……a day of gluttony……well more like three days of gluttony-but i am a greedy bastard. I start recording the new album next week…..can’t wait. Been doing the last bit of changing songs and blah de blah but it should be swell. FROZEN PLANET and PLANET EARTH have blown my mind. PEACE

16th of december

Tomorrow i will play my last show of the year in Bristol. Since my last update i had some swell times with Neil Morris and Beans on Toast in Wolverhampton and went to A.T.P in minehead which was too much fun that i was nearly dead by the last day. Also was asked to be best man and my best chums wedding—which is neat and a little scary. Nearly finished all the lyrics for all the tracks for the new album….start recording jan 2nd. woo woo turtle zoo. Uuuuum have enjoyed watching black mirror and this is england 88.…don’t know why i wrote that….i am awfully dull. LOVE.x

hereford station….7am…….well cold


Played in brighton, london, bristol and Portsmouth with the retrospective soundtrack players and they took care of me like a stray furby….so double thanks to them again. London and Portsmouth was also with Ben Marwood (who is super lovely and a good hugger). So the gigs went real well and met some swell new people like a crazy french chick and “the boy i used to be” and some ace old chums…….it was a shame i had a cold but the hash cookies and lemsips helped a lot. I also released a free covers e.p which you can find HERE and im working on a nice little treat for christmas. Only a few more shows this year and then roll on 2012…..must work HARDER.

me being wimpy in portsmouth


well long time no talky talk. sooooo i went to Australia and New Zealand and it was super fun. I made a little video out there and played some shows (check out my visuals page). Now i am back in Cardiff and i have had too much halloween fun….yes i have a cold boooooo. I am currently drinking litres of lemsip to cure myself before the sweet shows this week. I have also started writing the new MY NAME IS IAN album to be released next year.

this is my in the outback. toodle

i am such a classy gal


released my new lo-fi album “Don’t cry lion, you’re only a painting” the other day…’s pay what you want….as long as it’s £1.50 or more. Im currently listening to the band “Treelines” they’re pretty rad and im just about to watch the Kevin Smith film “Red State“. Off to australia on friday….fingers crossed for terrible surfing, friendly spiders and super gigs.


yet again it’s been a while since i’ve updated my blog…..nothing much has been happening…..i’ve been selling lots of popcorn and diet cokes. i’ve also been recording a new album…….the album is very lo-fi…..that maybe code for very shit. Sorting some cool shows for Australia in september and a sweet little tour back in rainy england in November. I’ll also be setting up a separate page or site for my drawings and doodles….im hoping if my mum doesn’t like them then you lot will.

peace. xxx



i have moved backed to somerset to get some money together.

im living back in what used to be my bedroom.

I’ve been putting together the josh baskin books too.

Writing more music as usual but on a keyboard.

just watched this film……  it was pretty good.

here’s a picture from the josh baskins book 

wow this was a dull update.

save me……..

JUNE 28th

well im currently sat in my pants as the rest of my body is sun burnt to fuck…even the nips. Anyway the NEW e.p is finally done and ready to pre order here…. the whole e.p is based on one of my favourite films BIG.

june 18th

Writing lots and lots of lyrics makes ian go crazy

JUNE 6th

wow it’s been over a month since i have updated this!!!!! the new record is nearly finished, just sorting out artwork and all the other extras that will come with the release. Saw Herman Dune in Bristol the other day which has inspired a whole bunch of new tunes. x

MAY 5TH 5/5/11

This morning i fell over by my toilet and hurt my foot. the only good thing about not being able to walk is it’s a good chance to finish lyrics and things for recording next week. a selection of songs are also available for free download on this site too. i don’t have anything else to say.

april the twenty sixth (26th)

well im currently sat in my pants listening to the beach boys and easter has been and gone. It’s also a sad day soon as the final part of the my name is ian man club is being released on the 1st of May. The final e.p is defiantly my personal favourite. Thank you very much to ART IS HARD for the support and freedom i’ve had with this project. I was also trying to book a tour in May but it was very late notice to do it properly so im gonna record my NEXT new ep instead which is full band and all songs are based on scenes from the film BIG (ta to the retrospective soundtrack players for the inspiration haha). Here’s a few pictures of things i’ve drawn in boredom and the cassette covers i recorded.


APRIL 17th

i feel like ass today but this video helped.

Trying to become healthy sucks!!!


mr addiss cat

On friday the 8th i traveled to kidderminster with Neil Morris to play A gig with him and Beans on Toast. It wasn’t the best start to a journey as i forgot my guitar hahaha. I arrived at Neil’s house in kidderminster…..which turned out to be an old mental hospital… was rad. Spent a few hours before the gig watching videos of monkeys and hamsters. The show was real sweet and i stole some mini cheddars from the land lady.  On saturday morning i was woken by Banjo Bob and his alarm clock—-it didn’t wake him though! Most of saturday was spent looking for food and being hungover. That evening we were all playing (plus retrospective soundtrack players) in Birmingham and again it was a cool show. A few people bought some of my stuff so i was able to buy lots of gin. Over all it was a great, music and alcohol filled weekend.

thanks again to James Addis, Neil Morris, Jay and Banjo Bob.

March 29th

Sorry i’ve been blogging like a dirty whore the last couple of days. Anyway just thought i would show you the cover of the 2nd cassette which is still available to buy at Art is Hard.

Also here is the music video for the title track Bigfoot Where Have You Gone? made by the lovely Laura Herald.

MARCH the twenty eighth (28th) 28/03/11

Most of today has been spent recording the guitar tracks for the grizzly adams e.p and drinking coffee. Here’s a picture of my sassy “studio”

also this video has helped me work and stay happy.

MARCH 25th

the last few days have been odd as i’ve had no money and no motivation to do anything….usually when im poor i spend more time writing music-but currently i’ve spent my time watching “Breaking Bad“. Luckily after eating my last can of value beans with sausages (which contained 100% of my daily SALT allowance)  i started finishing lyrics for my new e.p (Rest in peace Grizzly Adams) and finishing the cover songs for the final part of my AIH MANS CLUB-which i’ve also recorded onto my laptop at the same time so i will upload some soon. The next two videos may give you an insight to what “Rest in Peace Grizzly Adams” will sound like.

p.s the fat kid stole my moves

MARCH 19th

me and mr. t-rex

Yesterday i went to London to watch The Black Tambourines and New Years Evil and to catch up with my “bosses” at ART IS HARD RECORDS. i met Rich from AIH and we popped to the natural history museum and saw a dinosaur that had an eye like Thom Yorke. We then traveled to Dalston to meet David from AIH and the other bands. Both bands were rad but made me feel old as i lost a lot of my hearing. We ended up crashing at a very lovely fellows flat called George who is the nicest dude in the world-he gave me a can of dr.pepper and a bed to sleep it. After 4 hours sleep and a nasty wake up from David we wondered Brick Lane where i chain smoked and avoided homeless magicians. Was supposed to be going out for a friends birthday this evening…but after checking bank balance i decided that i wanted to eat for the next two weeks.

An evening of Pavement and cigarettes it is then.

p.s this is a video i made for New Years Evil a while back…..

March 10th

Got tickets for ATP Nightmare before Christmas today, thanks to Adam Williams. I want to skip summer and it to bE december now…although im still supposed to be going to Berlin and Australia before then so i think i Can wait. Still working on the new e.p i have the four (4) songs ready except for lyrics and i also want to have a piano intro and outro. Tried getting some more shows with Beans on Toast in april….but i think all promoters hate me….hmmmm.

These two videos have made me happy today.


im cuRrently sat in bed with a brain absorbing hang over….also im hungry and may go nuts at a Greggs soon. I watched Machete which was amazing….i reallY want to make a B Movie style music video now……but i was pretty high when watching it….so maybe i should watch it again. Yesterday this years ATP nightmare before christmas got announced and it gave me a boner Les Savy Fav, Battles and Caribou (although i’ve never heard of Caribou…..but i shall now learn) all i need now is money and friends and im going. Right i really need food now….and then i’ll have to do sit ups to compensate the pasty overload.

P.S One of my tunes “give it a year” got played on BBC WALES on sunday…..Adam Walton said i sounded more like a Greg……sorry bringing up Greggs again….follow the show on TWITTER. Also Check this blog for cool music reviews……nice things were said about me too BASEMENT FEVER

FEB 26th

hey hey,

what have i been doing? i’ve been making a few music videos by stealing old and weird tv/films. it’s good fun…..i hope i don’t get sued by Punk Rock Zombies or Round the Twist (you can see these videos of my music and videos page)…..i may target The Animals of Farthing Wood for myself or another band–but i’ve heard they’re a nasty bunch. I’ve also just finished watching every series of Seinfeld. i feel very empty inside. The man club release comes out on March 1st im excited…..and im also starting another seperate project e.p called MY NAME IS IAN and GRIZZLY ADAMS



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